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Friday, May 28, 2010

UPDATE! -contest, fitness,etc...

So I totally suck at updating my blog. Sorry I got lazy, but I am going to try very very hard to keep it going good! Normally I would be running down my road right now, for my 7:30 AM run. However, I have hurt my knee and I cant exercise. This really frustrates me because I am trying to get into shape after being a freshman in University lol, and it is almost bikini season! I wrote to Karina and Katrina from on youtube, maybe they will get back to me :).

So anyways when I came home from university for the summer, I got out of my car and immediately ran to my dog Chrissy (if you have no seen her in some of my videos she is my tiny 6 pound chihuahua and I love her to deathhhhhhh). This was my reaction when I saw her
Me: "CHRISSY omg i miss....omg your fat"! (with a taken aback tone)

My dog was sooooooo huge compared to what she usually looks like, I guess my dad fed her a little to much. Oh goodness. She was originally like just under six pounds, and now she is like 7.5. That is s much weight for a little dog. I have her on a diet and she is starting to loose some of it. Me and Chrissy are getting lots of exercise and working off our winter layers!


I guess I should talk about some makeup or at least something that has to do with my channel as that is why you are all here, and probably don't want to read my rambling. On my channel which is I have posted a video with a haul and at the end I talk about my contest. I really hope you all enter. I am so excited. I can't believe I have reached 400 subscribers. I know everyone says this but I really did think that no one would watch my videos, but I am really happy that you all do. This is just a contest to say thank you to all the support you have all give me. And to be honest 99.99% of the feedback I have gotten on YouTube has been positive, which makes me feel really good! The winner of the contest will receive a mac lipstick of their choice and a mac eyeshadow of their choice. Go to my latest video and check it out!!!!

I am going to order a set of foxy locks extensions in the near future. I will keep you updated with that!

Much love

JessOwr xoxoxoxoxox