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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mary Kay- Sales

Hello lovelies!

So a couple of weeks ago I attended my very first Mary Kay party! There I was treated to a luxurious satin hands treatment, had a wonderful facial cleansing class, and applied/tested makeup. I ordered a couple of things, and my mom and my sister did as well. Let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised with this company. Their products are AMAZING. Everything I tried I have loved so far. I love love love love love love love my new medium coverage foundation, and is the only liquid foundation that works on my skin. Their ultimate mascara is AWESOME, and their eye cream (I use my mom's) is so so so good. I thought Mary Kay was a company that sold cheaper cosmetics like Avon (don't get me wrong I love Avon, and I do buy products from their company and love that they don't test on animals). However, Mary Kay, in my opinion, is an upscale brand with exceptional quality. I am comparing these products to other brands that I use every day such as MAC and Nars.

So as I was sitting there my mom kept mentioning to me how good I would be at this; My sales director asked me a week later if I would want to attend another party were the national sales director would be attending, and could think about signing up to be a Mary Kay consultant/sales person. I was very skeptical at first, and almost cancelled going. But when I got there I listened to the National Sales Director's story, how much she makes, what Mary Kay is all about etc... and decided WHAT THE HECK! It sounds fun, Makeup is something I am passionate about, and I could earn some extra money at school because with Mary Kay you decide when you work and that is perfect for a University students lifestyle. With no other job can I decide that I have a midterm next week so I better study and I will work when the midterm is over, with any other job I do not get tax deductions, and with any other job I don't make 50% commission on all my sales. Also did I mention that I get all the products at 50% off!

So I signed the dotted line, paid 125$ for a starter kit (which I will receive on thursday or friday of this week), and I am officially a Mary Kay representative! As exciting as this all is, I am feeling a little bit skeptical, and am worried. What if I am bad at hosting parties, what if no one buys from me? What if I FAIL! But I keep putting it in retrospective for myself: if I fail oh well you tried something new, as long as you try you will meet your quota (200$ a year which is nothing), and you are PASSIONATE about makeup Jessica you will not fail because makeup is something you are good at and love.

All the Mary Kay ladies at the meeting were all saying "omg your going to be a natural. Once the ladies take a look at you they are going to want to buy everything". That made me feel good, and I hope they weren't just saying that to make me sign. Anyways I am truly excited to start Mary Kay, and I am a little nervous (which is normal right?). Like this is something totally new, it is MY OWN BUSINESS for goodness sakes! I think if I just focus on my passion for makeup, and my love for helping people, and not focus on the pressure of selling I will be successful!

JessOwr xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxo

P.S. I officially love blogging!

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  1. Hey I just discovered your youtube and blog! I thought I would stop by and leave you a comment. My mom has been selling Mary Kay for years now, and she really enjoys it. Im sure you enjoy it!

    You should make an update post if you get the chance. You can also check out my blog if you want. :)